Rich Barton is preparing to roll out a new startup called…

glassdoor with an ex-Microsoft/Expedia team. Rentbits thinks the name indicates a new real estate company, which would seem to scream conflict of interest with Zillow…

Considering Rich could probably self-fund a company like this, I can’t help but thinks he gets funding because he just enjoys the process.

(via TechCrunch)

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  1. For the less geek-inclined of us, what does “preparting” mean? 🙂

  2. It means I need to double check the spelling in my titles since I don’t get one of those fancy red-underlines when I spell something wrong there!!! (ARRR).

  3. Dustin,
    Can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you that it’s not a real estate company.

  4. Thank you Spencer… Do you ever feel the desire to reign Rich in a bit? or has he found the secret to the 36 hour day?

  5. Hmmmmm,

    Very intriguing when you see a bunch of heavy hitters like this getting together; hopefully you can keep us squarely in the loop as this story unfolds. I’m sure most of us readers will want to be first to know the inside scoop and be ready to switch gears accordingly!

    Yours with boundless enthusiasm,

    Richard 🙂

    Chief Deal weaver

  6. […] (along with however much of his own money) and is launching a new company called Glassdoor, which some are speculating could be a real estate-related venture. That does make sense, after all, “The […]

  7. PEHub says Glassdoor is “focusing on employment conditions in the workplace.”

    Interestingly, when I first saw it, the blurb called Barton the “former ceo of zillow”. It has since been changed to drop the “former”.

  8. […] see Benchmark fund this thing.                              From  the comments on Dustin’s blog  you can see that others at Zillow know about this venture and claim that it is not real estate […]

  9. I guess zillow is no longer an all consuming passion for Rich.

    He raised $87 million for Zillow and one can only wonder if there is any money left to be raised if profitability at Zillow can’t be achieved with that amount.

    On to Glass Door, get the press embargo in place, keep em guessing.

    Where do I invest?

  10. Glass Door – first thing that came to my mind was “Glass Ceiling”. Sort of jibes with the “employment conditions in the workplace” mantra.

    No doubt it’ll be interesting with the players that are currently involved…

  11. Sounds like son of F@cked Company….employees airing their real and imagined complaints annonymously

  12. This is another perception marketing tactic– roll out name associated with success (Expedia, Microsoft) and attach them to a new venture to create the allure of potential success of the new venture. Good marketing in my book.

  13. Joe

    Agreed its Good Marketing.

    But the game doesn’t end there.

    Execution is key.

    Zillow came out of the marketing chute in fine shape.

    If the marketing hype doesn’t match the execution, its difficult to repeat the marketing hype the next time.

    The Expedia Microsoft triumph was long ago.

  14. Joe and Louis,

    I agree with both of you… It’s no surprise that Rich is able to generate so much interest off his name and as long as he keeps delivering interesting products, then I see no reason the fun won’t continue.

  15. Dustin,

    Rich, besides being an extremely smart guy, is remarkably efficient with this time.

    Even with board roles at Netflix and Glassdoor (where, btw, he’s only chairman, not CEO), and all of the other stuff he has going on, I don’t see him being spread too thin. Far from it. And rest assured, Zillow continues to be his primary focus.

  16. Gordon

    Good point about being the Chairman, which is somewhat ceremonial, rather than the CEO which is more operational.

    Being on boards and the chairman of another company shouldn’t be too much of a time drain and there is learning to be had in those roles that may help Zillow.

    Also he has lloyd as President to step in at Zillow (most companies have one person as President AND CEO).

    However there could be a perception of spreading oneself too thin and trading too much off the nearly 15 year old Expedia/Microsoft history.

    I would think interest would be greater if Rich was touting the launching of a new company after taking Zillow public or selling it to Google for $500 million.

  17. Louis Cammarosano,

    If you think Zillow is not a good proposition and poses no threat to you or HomeGain why do you find it necessary to bash them at every turn? Last I read HomeGain barely squeaks a small profit on revenues of $38 million a year. Chump change in real estate if you ask me.

    Yours Truly,
    Zillow Fans

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