My first real internet spat was when…

…I convinced Anna to hit publish on this article about Redfin.

I’m reminded of this today because Marlow just picked up on the fact that the founder of Redfin just started a new site with information/resources for people with mental health problemsMindSite.

The connection between these stories is that despite the fact that David Eraker left Redfin two years ago, that original spat is still the #1 result on a Google search on his name. I would feel guilty over that fact (I’ve met him a few times and he’s not a bad guy), but the reality is that unless we’re active using the internet to build up our own brand online, there’s always a danger that other people will define our brand for us.

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  1. Hey Dustin –

    Thanks for the kind words.

    There are no hard feelings associated with the blog post from your wife or the high page rank of Rain City Guide. I read RCG and 4realz nearly every day – great products.

    I personally don’t feel that I have suffered any reputational hazard as a result of the post; to the extent that Redfin is “anti-Google” or otherwise, I suppose it depends who you ask these days 🙂 .

  2. David,

    Thanks so much for following up and fascinated to know you’re still following us in the real estate world. You obviously started a monster (I say with love) that lives on today!

    By the way, you might be surprised how many people come to that RCG post looking up information about you. So far this year, it has been 56 people, which might not sound like much… but it is a pretty specific search, so it is likely people looking up background on you!

    Also, I just noticed that you updated your LinkedIn profile: David Eraker… Maybe if I give take the “no follow” off of this comment, it will help rise it to the top! 😉

  3. whoops… didn’t realize that won’t let me take the rel=”nofollow” off of a comment. 🙁

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