What happens to Adaptive Real Estate Services?

Remember that Edgeio, the web2.0 classified site, bought a major IDX provider about a year ago

Now that Mike let us know that Edgeio is closing its doors, I can’t help but wonder what will become of the hundreds (thousands? tens of thousands?) of broker and agent websites that ARES powers.

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  2. Put a time stamp on these, if you would. Email me if you want code for it.

  3. Greg: I went super-duper lazy and just used a standard theme from WP.com. At some point, I’ll upgrade to be able to “modify” the theme, but for now, I’m stuck with what they give me. 🙂

    Another idea is to just get another theme. I’m not wedded to this one and if I do change, I’ll look for one where a time-stamp is standard.

  4. Check.

    Posting this often, knowing when would be a bonus. I get the time in my feed reader, so I guess I’ll live.

  5. It’s like watching you do push ups.

  6. I spoke with ARES and they said they had split back out and will continue on.


  7. Thanks for the follow up Sean! 🙂

  8. Dustin…how many more blogs do you think you can operate? 🙂

  9. Anthony: Never too many blogs! 🙂

    Actually, I unloaded a bunch of blogging duties recently. At this point, the only two blogs I’m running are this one and Rain City Guide! Makes it quite simple actually!

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