There’s some seriously funny stuff going on…

…in the bathroom.

However, for this next year, I’m committed to doing a better job of cleaning up the house when it gets dirty. So if you like a crowded bathroom, you have only a few more hours to get in there before I clear it out!

6 responses

  1. Are you taking the bathroom away or only cleaning it..scrubbing bubbles would work well Chris

  2. Crap! This is the end.

  3. Air freshener… you need lots of air freshener Dustin. I remember that day being trapped in the bathroom with all those people…whew…

  4. Chris: I definitely plan to leave the bathroom… It just needs some scrubbing! 🙂

  5. Scrubbing!!!! SCRUBBING!!! what do you mean! It looks perfectly clean to me! (btw, love the snow effect….very cute)

  6. I wish I could take full credit for the snow… but it was just one of the benefits of using to host my site.

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