Greg: I don’t get it? If you’re going to code php pages, why not just use wordpress?

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  1. Web pages on a real estate site, not blog entires on the weblog portion of that site. Realtors have a huge — and mostly unmet — need to produce lots and lots of web pages.

  2. WP includes the ability to add pages (as oppose to blog entries). It would be easy enough to do away with the blog in WP altogether and just use the tool to create a website.

    The reason I like this option is that there are so many built in features, like a WYSIWYG editor and photo uploading.

  3. It’s a thought. Cathy is building a site for a listing right now. Top level, probably six sub-levels, and some of those may have two or more sub-levels of their own. She’ll sort the photos by hand, and she takes longer than I would, but she’ll do a better job than I would. When she’s done, I’ll build the web pages — call it 12+ pages total plus PDF supplements (listing, flyer, etc.), all linked in their own hierarchy — in seconds. That’s using custom sofware, not the technique I wrote about last night, but the sheer volume of work we do requires a high degree of efficiency.

  4. Makes good sense. Your online marketing is top-notch, so I’m really in no place to give you advice. The take-home for others may be that for agents without your tech knowledge, they can probably get 75% of the way there just by tweaking with WP.

  5. Agreed. Play with this when you have time. It’s built to let ordinary end-users create web pages from their form input. Don’t be shy: I have to moderate the results (for porn, spam — or both — and also for huge photos), so you’ll know the page is there but no one else will. The one thing I think I’d like to add to this is captioning for the photos. The pages are templated from WP, but they’re not WP pages in the way that you’re talking about.

  6. […] first wrote about this style of building web pages in August of 2006. At the time, a still-encloaked 4Realz wondered why I didn’t use the WordPress “Pages” technolog…. A WordPress “Page” is an excellent way to build a static page that anyone on your team […]

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