Is there room in the for two Gregs?

Finding this site definitely brought a smile to my face:

I started 4realz (way back in the summer of 2006) on a similar premise that I wanted to provide an “inside” view of the and I thought an anonymous blog was the best way to go about it.   Interestingly, it was when I was sure Greg had caught onto my identity that I shut the original 4realz blog down.  😉

Any guesses as to the identity of Fake Greg Swann?

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  1. Todd is my guess.

  2. It’s very hard to tell the difference between the fake and the real Greg Swann.

  3. It’s likely Dustin, according to Shaz.

  4. If it’s Todd, it would be ironic, as I’ve been searching the rembex for the misspellings.

  5. The Latin makes me think Mary McKnight.

    Look at the blogroll; Jim Cronin is the only link that doesn’t have a comment.

    Still, I’m going with Todd.

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  7. Brian, as Kris Burg once said, “the Latin I know comes entirely from the back of a dollar bill”.

    I tried to comment there. That site must have comment moderation flipped on or something. I would’ve been Fake Dustin Luther.

    My bet is Larry Cragun.

  8. My money is on GS

  9. I think it is John Lockwood

  10. I’m all over the place. 1st I thought Greg, then Dustin, then Brian LOL..I really have no clue.
    Merry Christmas.

  11. Cuz of the decisions required today, I’m havin’ a real problem caring about who the fake Greg is.

    I’m having way too much of a problem deciding whether my wife’s chili (eaten with chips as a spoon), chocolate chip cookies, deviled eggs, or wings are my first ‘course’ for the afternoon. Desert is already cooling on the stove — her world famous pumpkin pie — a pie I’ve never cared for. Until I had hers. HHmmmm, with whipped cream and a couple more cookies.

    Can you say coma, BawldGuy?

    Somebody email me when this is solved, ‘right?

  12. phoenixreguy Avatar

    I don’t think the real GS could misspell that many words even if he tried.

  13. My money is on Dustin.

  14. Kristal: Why be anonymous? I feel very comfortable spewing the’s dirty laundry under my own name! 🙂

  15. Ah I understand you would, but why spoil the mystery? This is more fun, isn’t it? 🙂

  16. The mystery has been spoiled… 🙁

    Or is Brian Brady just making it up that he is Todd?

  17. I wish we hadn’t met, Dustin; then you would think that I am Todd’s alter-ego.

    Happy New Year- see you in the Apple

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