Publishing from my phone???

About a wek ago I decided to stop trying to make do with my blackberry and bought an iPhone… I’ve spent the past week playing with apps and found some great ones, although I haven’t tried publishing a blog post using the wordpress app, so here goes…

By the way, (assuming the photo upload works like I think it will), here’s the apps that have made my home screen so far:

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  1. A couple more that I would highly recommend:
    Reeder ( – Google Reader app
    BeejiveIM ( – IM on the go
    Siri ( – Ask your phone anything… this one is wild – just try it
    Remote ( – Awesome if, like me, you have multiple Airport Express units and AppleTV to pipe music library to any room in the house

    1. sweet! You’re gonna keep me busy all night playing with apps!

  2. Hi Dustin. I enjoy reading your blog. Another app I think you may find of interest is from Rent Jungle. It allows users to find and share apartment findings with their friends without leaving Facebook. Hope you enjoy!

  3. All these iPhone applications are the reason why I stick to my old Nokia – I would spend the rest of my life playing with them;)

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