To advertise or not to advertise?

ap-supersonic-skydiver-4_3_r560Is that really the question?

This great pandodaily article by Kirk Cheyfitz about the best ads of 2012 that aren’t really ads, reminded me just how impressed I’ve always been with Red Bull’s marketing machine.

One of the defining “TV moments” for me this past year is when I watched the “Red Bull” guy (I should probably remember his name), crawl down the ladder of the space capsule and jump. That was a crazy moments when you have an incredible opportunity to prove yourself.

The takeaway?  Very few of us may have access to Red Bull’s marketing budget, but when we throw on our marketing hat, we should all be aspiring to think outside the box and make an incredible impact in 2013!

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  1. Hey Dustin – I thought of the RedBull jump as one of the greatest marketing plays I’ve ever seen. I think the next revolution will be the further privatization of space and undersea exploration such as what is proposed by Mars One.

    As for how the every day marketer can achieve similar results, the key is just thinking differently by finding opportunities that not everyone else is exploiting or by simply doing it better. There are countless ways to differentiate yourself, but I find that the two most effective are through offering higher quality and more creative marketing.

    1. All great stuff Joshua! And totally agree that other exploration projects are going to be fascinating. Will be interesting to see if any other brands take advantage of those marketing opportunities similar to Red Bull…

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