Connecting at #REplus22

Starting two weeks ago, I decided to brush the cobwebs out of my blogging fingers by making sure to post something fresh every day… Because I’m fascinated by the growth (and potential) of green hydrogen, I’ve been focusing my energy by doing a deep dive on that industry.

Interestingly, the green energy community is quite active on twitter… and reminds me of the activity I’d see back when I was active in the real estate space. However, I’ve been stuck in boring industries for so like, like business credit and personal injury law, that I forgot what it’s like to see people who are actively replying, retweeting and otherwise engaging with each other.

(I clearly have some catching up to do in reminding myself how to get the cobwebs out of my twitter fingers in addition to my blogging fingers!)

Yesterday, one of the people I’ve started following, Craig Lawrence, tweeted out about an upcoming event RE+ that looks fascinating (and relatively local!)…

I quickly realized I need to get me (and my fuel cell Mirai!) down to Anaheim next month so I can build out my collection of interviews with industry execs and influencers! Plus, this gives me a nice kick-in-the-butt to get the podcast launched BEFORE I show up!

It gets better!

In following the hashtag #replus22, I couldn’t help but noticed that there’s also a tweetup at the event. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a tweetup… and based on the vibe I’m getting from @SolarFred, I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be lots of great connections made!

One last thing!

I’m super new to the green energy industry and actively looking to see if I can find my way into the industry by connecting with the people doing building interesting solutions. If you’re one of the people attending #REplus22 who has a story to tell, connect with me.

I’m looking for people I can interview for an upcoming podcast series, and even if that doesn’t work out, at least we can meet up at the event!

(Some ways to connect: Leave a comment, twitter, linkedin)

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