Is Facebook evil? I’ve been thinking ab…

Is Facebook evil?

I’ve been thinking about what Chris Messina is saying a bunch lately… and there’s more than a bit of truth to it… although it reminds of the bullet I bit when I started “going mac”. The debate about Facebook having too much control over the internet is nothing new… and only going to get stronger as more and more sites adopt their technology.

So, I guess the real question for someone doing interent marketing becomes are you going to try to go out on your own or use the tools facebook gives us even though there’s an “evil” element to it? Is it worth the extra effort?

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  1. LOL. Interesting title (and post). Would I necessarily say FB is evil? No. Sure, it has elements that can make it so, specially its addictiveness.

  2. Facebook and Twitter are you giving away your personal profile.

    There are a couple of companies that condense your Facebook and Twitter content to create a profile of you. Through this filtering the profile can be used to target you in a consumer category.

    If you look at your accounts, Twitter especially, you can get a pretty good idea of your personal habits.

    The thing is you authorized the use of the information.

    Just like you caution people about what they blog, most people don’t think twice about what they tweet; then with facebook you add pictures.

  3. I wouldn’t say Facebook IS evil, but it may soon become with the rising number of FB-addicts. I have the impression, that Facebook is taking over some people’s life and it’s very sad.

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