Heading to WordCamp SF in style!

For a short-week, it’s been ridiculously busy… and haven’t had much chance to catch my breath! In addition to the background noise of actual consulting work, I attended another great MOTM event last night, have been preparing for another RE:RnD radio show for tomorrow (featuring Jonathan Miller!), and preparing for a weekend road trip to San Francisco for WordCamp.

This WordCamp trip is going to be something special… Some folks from Ford reached out to me to see if I’d test drive on of their cars, and I couldn’t resist looking for a reason to turn a simple test drive into an “event” by organizing a roadtrip this weekend!

The plan is to head to SF on Friday morning, play in SF for the weekend and then head down the Big Sur coast early next week… and for this journey, I’ve got two great traveling companions: Jonathan Dingman and Ricardo Bueno. Jonathan’s fresh off his recent roadtwip (and a a great photographer!) so my expectations are pretty darn high that this trip is going to be well documented!

ford-marinerIt’s kinda crazy that Ford is giving me a car to test-drive because I’m really *not* a car-fanatic. There was a time in high-school when I could take apart (and almost put back together) my ’77 Camero, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done much mechanical work on my car beyond changing the windshield wipers.

My request for the car was that it was a hybrid and it be big so I could bring some friends along… and the people at Ford stepped up to the plate. They’re dropping a Mariner off at my house tomorrow morning. (I’m feeling kinda like Steve Ballmer except the CEO ain’t dropping the car off and I don’t get to keep it!)

Such a crazy week and the fun has barely begun!

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  1. Ya, your definitely not a car fanatic. You spelled camaro wrong. But I would guess that is FF fault since for me the correct spelling is incorrect.


  2. LOL! When in doubt, blame the spell check!

  3. Hey! I’ll be at WordCamp, too, and I work for a travel and tourism organization that has Big Sur as a member – the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Let’s catch up at WordCamp and I’ll tell you about some of Big Sur’s best secret spots!

  4. Nicole! I love it! I definitely look forward to catching up at WordCamp! Back as a UCSC student, I used to go camping in Big Sur occasionally, but haven’t been in so long, I’d definitely appreciate some insight into the secret spots! 😉

  5. Ford has done a great job with social media.

    There are some really good products coming out of Detroit. I hope you liked your temporary wheels, Dustin.

    Did you hear from @scottmonty at Ford?

  6. Definitely impressed with the car… what fun!

    Although I never did hear from @scottmonty… going to look him up right now! 😉

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