One request of Agents on ActiveRain doing the MySpace thing:

Please don’t have music start playing when people load your blog!

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  1. I said the same thing the other day when I clicked on a link and Biance came on.

  2. Not to be rude or anything but I’ve actually stopped reading people’s blogs who I subscribe to because of the music. Sometimes it’s just stuff you don’t want to hear. Makes me wonder how must the consumer feel? What if they’re just really not feeling your tune ya know?

  3. So it sounds like some are already adding music to their AR blogs… That’s too wild. Depending on the music that could definitely cause me to hit the ‘back’ button quickly!

  4. I keep my speakers turned off. But there’s not alot I can do about some of the intensely colorful backgrounds giving me a headache. 🙁

  5. Hi Dustin, The Customizer I wrote only edits the StyleSheet of the blog. But unfortunately, there are plenty of other “widgets” out there that allow people to add music and other garish things to their blog! Thanks for the mention!

  6. That would be annoying on Active Rain. I really don’t mind it on myspace though.

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