“Linking to your competitors is a great…

way to disintermediate them.”

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  1. That’s a *great* article!

    I remember an article on some real estate blog awhile back called, “Linkation, Linkation, Linkation”…. 😉

  2. Whatever happened to the argument to NOT link to your competitors because that would leak out some of your prized Google juice (raspberry flavor)?

  3. Kevin: I never followed that one with RCG. I remember early on I made a conscious decision to link to every seattle real estate blog that started up. Result: no real competition because RCG was the place to go for a comprehensive conversation about the seattle realer state scene.

    Agents tend to fall into one of two categories: interesting bloggers and non-interesting bloggers. If they are an interesting blogger, linking out to your competition does very little harm because readers (and potential linkers) will keep coming back. If they are not an interesting blogger, then it won’t matter because they’ll never build up any google juice to begin with.

  4. Believe it or not there are not any ‘real’ re bloggers here in my little corner of the world. Fine with me. It’s giving me time to gain my footing and voice — thanks to learning from gurus like you. Very thankful.

  5. Dustin,

    I agree that linking is better than not. I think people will gravitate toward the blogger that they feel resonates what they are thinking. The consistent blogger has no worries about linking to others and should give customers the greatest source of information in their area.


  6. Joey: I’d even take it farther than that… Linking is a criteria for any agent who wants to create a successful web presence. Only people with incredible reputations can get away with not linking… The rest of us earn our stripes by linking out to others.

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