Love the story of Redfin clone gone…

wrong.  Website development is hard stuff, even when you know exactly what you want to build.

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  1. Wow. The Redfin attorney’s could have a field day with this guy. $10K may be the least of his problems.

    On the REW forum he said, “My project on was for a clone, in all functionalities and appearance.”

    Someone “clones” one of my sites in “all functionalities and appearance” and I’m coming after them with everything I can muster.

    And Redfin has just a wee bit deeper pockets than I do.


  2. jeff nunn Avatar
    jeff nunn

    Why would anyone want to clone Redfin?

  3. Jeff: That was my reaction too…

    Their functionality is great, but cloning another site is just asking for trouble on a bunch of different levels and shows a real lack of understanding about the web. It takes plagiarism to a whole new level!

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