Love’n, just love’n, the linklove from…

Mary! (and especially glad she didn’t share any of the stories!)

More notes from RETechSouth:

and, how, could I forget… I had a blast hanging out with the Miami Beach backlink whore.

(Don’t be surprised if I add more links to stories about the event as I find them!)

17 responses to “Love’n, just love’n, the linklove from…”

  1. I heard there was a fabulously devious plan to make me #1 for “Google backlink whore.”

    I have no scruples, whatsoever.

    Thanks, for the backlink!

    Seriously, that conference was great and packed with quality information.

    My room smelled like a big cigarette…..gasp.

  2. Gracias, Dustin. Had a great time with you all and I am actually holding your stories hostage for sale to the highest bidder.

    Jay, I hope you will be at Unchained. I’ve been dying to meet you!

  3. Jay, Daniel, Tom… I updated both mistakes! (i.e. the link goes to the right post and I’m using the right anchor text on the link back to Kevin!).

    Thanks to all!

  4. @Mary “Jay, I hope you will be at Unchained. I’ve been dying to meet you!”

    I doubt if I’m welcome at Unchained. But there is always “after hours”. I’d love to meet you too! Going to Connect SF?

  5. Jay

    Why would you think that you would not be welcomed at “UC?”


    …sheez I wonder when the next blogwar will be?

  6. @SouthBeachCondo – long story and probably best not to discuss details “in public”. Suffice it to say that things changed between myself and the primary UC organizer when I chose to stop contributing to Bhound blog.

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