Yesterday’s Windermere/Trulia

rumor was quickly confirmed!

Congrats to the Trulia team.  That’s huge!

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  1. Also just heard from one W agent who is going to pay over a thousand dollars to be one of 225 rotating top agents on Trulia – where is that section? Am I blind?

  2. I see it now…hmmm

  3. Out of all the bloggers…you are the one that has the most economy of words.

  4. Courtney,

    I’d be interested in learning more about the “top agents” page… I wasn’t aware they had a product like that!

  5. Chris: I like to think that words can often cover what would otherwise be an interesting insight!

  6. seattleagent Avatar

    I looked it up in the Trulia advertising page for real estate agents – Campaigns starting as low as $250 for a banner add – It must be like the one Windermere currently has – I will snoop around and get some more details, but it was a crazy amount of money to share with over 200 agents in my opinion

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