Reputation management for RE Professionals keeps turning up with…

Dave Platter seeding an interesting question about how it could/should be done for the benefit of agents.

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  1. Thanks for that mention Dustin. I am a big believer that real estate agents should take charge of reputation management on the web so they can ensure it’s done in a way that helps the consumer and also helps good agents–rather than dragging all agents’ reputations through the mud.

    I mentioned homethinking in my post, because their manifesto is so anti-agent. However, I actually think, as their site is now, it works quite well for both agents and consumers.

  2. Dave,

    Homethinking is a very interesting test-case… With largely unmoderated reviews by consumers, a first glance would suggest that the site is anti-agent. However, over the past few years that I’ve known Niki (the founder), it seems like he’s tried hard to work with the agent community and it shows in that (I think) the bulk of his money comes from agents who advertise on his site.

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