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I don’t see a lot of talk about PlugMyListings in the blogosphere, but they seem like they have a good thing going with listing syndication and an easy creation of a listing website, so I’d be curious to get feedback from anyone using this service.

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  1. I am not using it. I am very happy with vFlyer and at the moment vFlyer seems to have more functionality.

    I think they need to have some bloggers beta testing or something. vFlyer got found very quickly by making friends in the blogosphere.

  2. No doubt that vFlyer has done a phenomenal job and as you suggest, I think much of their success has come from their excellent outreach to the blogging community.

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    Hey dustin..I don’t check back for a while and bam! A whole lot of reading to catch up on!. Plug My Listings is something I am interesting in checking out. Will do and perhaps get them on the show..thanks for the heads up!

  4. Dustin- thanks for the nod! vFlyer is a great tool. They’ve got a healthy head start on us, that’s for sure.

    We started our little grassroots operation without a dime in capitol– just a couple of nerds in our home offices. vFlyer had about $1M capitol, hence the advanced features and the quick turnaround. We are definitely the underdog in the online RE marketing game…

    We’ll overtake vFlyer in functionality in due time, and we’re already heading into new territory untouched by vF… We’ve got a couple of tricks up our sleeves, and we’ll be rolling out some very cool features soon.

    Are you in PDX? Will you be at Joel’s RE meetup tomorrow?

  5. No luck with the RE meetup in Portland. I’m still in Atlanta and I think the event starts in a few hours! 😉

    I look forward to seeing more from you guys!

  6. Off topic, but does anyone know a site that has software to upload from a Flip Video?

  7. Also check out allows you to create single property sites and have them automatically syndicated to top online directories. Over 80% of the flyers rank on page 1 of Google. Flyers come with click-to-call, free virtual tours, tracking reports, printable and PDF, email your flyers to your own contacts, widgets, profile blog page and much more. See for features.

  8. Ardell, I’m not sure what format that the flip videos export to or I could be more helpful. If it is anything like the video that comes out of most digital cameras, then it will be a *.avi file and (I think) you need to process it before uploading it to YouTube, WellcomeMat or any of the other video sites.

    Good news is that most computers come with the software to make these edits. On a Mac, it is iMovie. On a PC, I used to use Microsoft Movie Maker (I’m pretty sure that is the name). That program should almost definitely allow you to import your video from your flip video and export it to a *.mpeg file that you can use to upload to YouTube.

    On the Mac, it is even easier because iMovie has an “export to YouTube” function! 😉

  9. The Flip Video records in AVI
    just copy the files off the Flip to your computer and do with them as u please.

    The Software is Loaded on the Flip – it also has an upload to youtube feature

    Does that answer the question?

  10. I’ve never seen so much shameless link sharing coming out of this conference!!

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