Syncing my gCalendar with my BlackBerry is nice…

…but what I really need from Google is a sync of my contacts!

(via NikNik

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  1. Loren: Definitely an interesting link. The guy obviously doesn’t like Google Contacts, but I actually like some of the features. The fact that contacts get added after I respond is a huge bonus, and numerous times on my previous blackberry I had wished that Outlook would do something similar!

  2. Thanks Michael.

    Playing around yesterday (starting with the link on Loren’s comment), I came across GooSync. My concern was that for a BB user, they require you to purchase another piece of software from another company, and the idea of relying on two small wireless software plays for one operation (i.e. contact sync) was enough to stop me from pulling the trigger. Nonetheless, the fact that you’re happy with the service bodes well and is definitely enough to get me to take another look.

    Thanks again!

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