Some homes are better listed without photos, as…

 …Athol Kay proves on a regular basis.


Was this photo of the shower really necessary? 

8 responses to “Some homes are better listed without photos, as…”

  1. Hi there, thanks for the link love I appreciate it.

    It really does seem like every time I think I’ve seen it all, someone sends me a photo that manages to shock me.

    Now imagine putting a two year old in that bath.


  2. It’s amazing how much people let their properties slide, but when it comes to MLS listings, is this really a bad thing? Would an agent rather drive someone to this house to show them this? What’s really hurt by adding it to the listing?

    The person who will buy this is someone who has bathroom remodeling skills or the funds to remodel it. It’s not going to be purchased by someone who fell in love with the house’s other pictures (which probably have their share of other issues if this tells us anything) so I say, “air it out.”

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