Local Tax Assessor gets hammered…

…by real estate professionals in the comments of Danilo’s post where he describes how a Loudoun County official has been playing hard-ball in telling him to take down an assessment of the Assessor’s office.

Interestingly, over the past few years, I’ve had multiple people tell me I had to take things down of Rain City Guide and with the one exception of the listings search (it upset the NWMLS that our IDX home search was on a subdirectory of RCG because RCG was “not an agent’s site”, so I had to move it to http://annaluther.com), I can’t think of anything else I’ve taken down.  One of the benefits of not being an “agent site” in the traditional sense is that I haven’t had to get caught up with all the baggage that can go with being a REALTOR.

With that said, I’m hope that Danilo’s broker backs him up.   Otherwise he’ll likely be facing a similar decision as Shaun did last month.

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  1. Dustin,

    Thanks for the comment about my situation. I don’t think that I’ll be following in Shaun’s footsteps, but that’s for others to decide so who knows…

  2. Danilo is not alone in finding corruption and greed in the property appraisal process. Here’s a taste of another jack booted appraiser, Tylene Gamble, Chief Appraiser of Wharton County, Texas. She sued taxpayers after her own appeals board sided with the citizens. Read all about it at http://maximstench.com/

    Tom Johnson

  3. I’m not a REALTOR, but I wrote a couple of articles on my blog about how our local MLS needs to make some serious upgrades to their agent site. Without even trying, I was outranking the local MLS in searches for their domains within a couple of weeks. They figured out who I worked for and contacted my boss, completely bypassing me and forced a meeting with my boss, their president, their technology VP and myself and I was basically told they appreciate the feedback, just not publicly. But they’d be more than happy to use me as a free technical consultant. They remind me of the recording industry with their strong-arm tactics, it’s rather sad.

  4. The comments of Danilo’s blog weren’t the only place the Assessor got hammered.

    Just Google Todd Kaufman Assessor and see what comes up…

    (And the broker most definitely backed him up!)

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