Inman puts on the pressure…

10 people to watch in 2008:

  1. Errol Samuelson, president,
  2. Sheila Bair, chairwoman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp
  3. Lockhart Steele, founder and publisher
  4. Sam Zell, Chicago billionaire
  5. Kerry Killinger, CEO, Washington Mutual Inc.
  6. Andrew Cuomo, New York attorney general
  7. Dustin Luther, founder,
  8. Lawrence Yun, chief economist, National Association of Realtors
  9. Ben Bernanke, chairman, Federal Reserve
  10. Kurt Pfotenhauer, CEO, American Land Title Association

Here’s the blurb about me:

“Luther first came on the real estate radar when he founded Rain City Guide, a Seattle-based real estate blog in 2005. He later worked at Move Inc., as the director of consumer innovations and interactive marketing. We’re watching him in 2008 as he leads his next venture at, a real estate technology consulting firm. We’re betting Luther will spread the word on social media marketing and blogging at a time when many real estate practitioners are looking for ways to boost their business and stand out.


17 responses to “Inman puts on the pressure…”

  1. Congrats Dustin, But… With part of Curbed’s “new found funding” coming from Brad Inman, the list comes off to me as a bit self serving. I think some disclosure should have been in order.

  2. Thanks everyone! It’s definitely a bit unnerving to be listed in such interesting company. Exciting stuff, but I hope expectations don’t get set too high for me! 🙂

    BTW, I think Lock was an obvious choice and I can’t wait to see how he continues to build out curbed.

  3. […] Besides a shocking number of telephone calls that have kept me busy over the past few days, making Inman’s list also made me realize I needed to to get my butt in gear so that I’ll be ready for the show […]

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