Just getting back from pizza with…

the sports god (literally: www.thesportsgod.com).   As you’d expect from a radio DJ, he’s a great conversationalist, but what I found most interesting was listening to him explain how he broke into the market.  After learning the ropes as an intern, he made his first show by finding the sponsors and “paying” his way onto a late-night spot.

The idea of being remarkable (in a Seth Godin) sense is all the rage in RE.net, but for radio DJs, it is not only a requirement, but it is often not enough.  The typical program manager at a radio station gets dozens (if not hundreds) of demo takes every day and most of them go straight to the trash bin.

Just like in online real estate, finding a way to stand-out of the clutter takes more than one good idea; it takes research, dedication and a bits of chutzpah.

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