I think Michael runs one of the best…

…”company blogs” over at FBS Blog. And his latest post on blogging as marketing
shows that he knows how to strike the right balance of staying on topic without sounding like he’s giving a sales pitch.  Without his blog, I wouldn’t know the first thing about FlexMLS.  But based on Michael’s blogging, I’d consider FlexMLS to be on the forefront of companies that are building MLS backend systems.    I consider that to be great branding…

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  1. If I were in the position of choosing a new MLS provider, I would be hard-pressed to consider any company other than Michael’s for one simple reason – he “gets it.”

    He and his company are constantly innovating, and I trust him to listen and learn from others – something that other companies may be doing, but I wouldn’t know it.

    He’s done something that all bloggers should be striving for – he’s earned trust and respect.

  2. How many guys in Michael’s position would be willing to contribute to a blog like this?

    He’s a genuine, nice guy too.

  3. Thanks, Dustin, and Jim and Jay! I’m honored by your comments. Jay, I’m looking forward to the next six months when the Phoenix RE Tech Exchange starts getting some more action as testing and deployment of flexmls Web begin in Phoenix. Then we’ll see if we can earn our stripes. 🙂

  4. Ditto. To everything Dustin, Jim and Jay said.

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