When a tree falls in the forest…

Been way too swamped with a consulting project lately and haven’t had a chance to blog much (or send out my weekly emails). 🙁

However, that doesn’t mean interesting things haven’t been happening.   Here’s just a sliver of the things that have crossed my path recently:

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Hanan is the first person to acknowledge…

Hanan is the first person to acknowledge 4 Realz with a most excellent note he sent to an email address he found in the living room
Hanan: You’re the best! You continue to be an inspiration to all real estate bloggers worth their weight in tubes!

To everyone else: Get over to Hanan’s post and sign your name! You have nothing to lose and $100 to gain. I like those odds!

In honor of Hanan, I’d like to end this post by waving the Grow-a-brain flag!

Grow-a-brain Flag