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  • Capturing the Hallway Conversations at NAR

    Last Friday one of my companies, Spinnio, ran a live video chat with David Arquette at his Propr Clothing store that was hosted by Shira Lazar. It was so much fun with the two of them (and the many guests that walked into the store during the event) that it’s inspired me to do something […]

  • RE: RnD, Let the games begin!

    Wow! What fun! After announcing the new radio show that Rob and I are launching Thursday morning at 9am PST/noon EST, there’s been a whirlwind of activity… including some great coverage on sites like GeekEstate and Sellsius… We have some great guests lined up and some real estate companies have stepped up to the plate […]

  • 4realz Roundtable is Back: Using Facebook Pages to Generate Business!

    [Update: What a great roundtable discussion. Thanks so much to Reggie Nicolay, Ricardo Bueno, Loren Nason, Mike Mueller, Stacie Wells and Brad Nix for joining the roundtable! If you missed the call, you can now listen to a recording via the TalkShoe widget to the right.] Inspired by a conversation with Ricardo Bueno, I’ve decided […]

  • 4realz Roundtable: Effect of FDIC/Treasury Actions on Home Buyers and Real Estate Industry

    [NOTE: we had a wonderful show and you can listen to the entire episode at the bottom of this post!] This week were going to cover the obviously hot topic of the effect of the actions taken by the government in bailing out and/or helping secure IndyMac, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae will affect the […]

  • 4realz Roundtable @ 1pm PST: How Appraisal Rule Changes will Affect Real Estate Professionals

    [Update: you can now listen to the show below] I’m downright excited about today’s show! The plan is to dive into how the Cuomo/Fannie Mae/OCC appraisal rule changes are going to change the mortgage brokerage industry…. and affect real estate professionals in general! So far, I’ve confirmed that Jonathan Miller of the Matrix will be […]

  • 4Realz DeepDive: Is RE BarCamp worth attending?

    [Note:   The DeepDive conversation is now posted at the bottom of this article!] Join me next week on Wednesday (7/9) at 1pm PST when I get a chance to interview the organizers of RE BarCamp on why they are putting this event together and what they hope to accomplish! So, who am I going to […]

  • 4realz Roundtable: Marketing Real Estate with Video

    [Note: This turned out to be an awesome conversation…  You can see who participated in the call as well as listen to the conversation at the bottom of this post!] On this week’s 4realz Roundtable, I’m really looking forward to discussing marketing with video… and in particular, how real estate agents are effectively using video […]

  • This Week’s Roundtable: Tech Tools to Serve Sellers Better?

    [UPDATE: This edition of the 4realz Roundtable is now live and you can listen to it at the bottom of this post!] As part of my hunt for new marketing tools for agents, I’d love to take on a relevant topic similar to how we took on tracking and analytics for agents last week. With […]

  • 4realz Roundtable: The Value of Home Values

    I’ve got something special planned for this week’s 4realz Roundtable. In honor of’s release of the home valuation tool, we’re going to cover the value of online home values! Join us on Thursday at 4pm (PST) to take part in the conversation! Of course, the discussion is what makes the 4realz Roundtable work, and […]

  • 4Realz Roundtable: Getting Value out of Social Networks

    Today (Thursday) at 4pm PST, I’m going to hosting another podcast and you’re invited to participate live! Today’s topic? Getting Value out of Social Networks Here are some of the issues, we’re likely to explore: With some of the new social networks for real estate launching recently (like MyDealBook & RealSeekr), how are they trying […]