Chad Hallberg mentions 2 things he likes…

Chad Hallberg mentions 2 things he likes about Google Buzz… I only like one thing so far and it’s related to one of his points. I REALLY like that I’m now following a bunch more folks in Google Reader. I’m finding a constant stream of great posts that I never would have uncovered. I’m sure someone also tweeted many of these posts, but with all the noise on Twitter, I’m finding the “people you follow” to be the best way to find interesting and eclectic posts from around the web.

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  1. Maybe this filter of better posts via crowdsourcing (for lack of a better word) on Google Reader will finally get me over the hump of really using GReader as much as I should. I’ve kept myself blissfully ignorant from so much of the noise because I could never quite figure out a way to really bust through the noise and distill things down to just the top stories.

    Thanks for the mention, Dustin!

    1. Yeah… Even if someone just used that one feature of google reader, it would only take a few minutes a day and there’s always new and interesting articles in there.

  2. […] I’ve been playing with Google Buzz for a few days now and I know I must be missing something *big* because the ONLY thing I’ve found interesting about it so far is that by connecting with a bunch more people on the google platform, I now get more articles showing up in my Google Reader. […]

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