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  • Chad Hallberg mentions 2 things he likes…

    Chad Hallberg mentions 2 things he likes about Google Buzz… I only like one thing so far and it’s related to one of his points. I REALLY like that I’m now following a bunch more folks in Google Reader. I’m finding a constant stream of great posts that I never would have uncovered. I’m sure […]

  • Are your Facebook friends hiding from you?

    Are your Facebook friends hiding from you?

    Turns out the latest update to the Facebook news feeds sets a bunch of feeds that you may want to follow to “hidden” so that they don’t show up in your main feed. This includes both “friends” and “public profiles”, so it’s probably worth checking to see if you have some things hidden that I […]

  • 4 Levels of Social Media Connections

    I was chatting with Dale Chumbley about Facebook Pages and how we’re both using them to reach out to our respective communities when he touched on an interesting topic… He said about 1/3 of the folks who became “fans” of his page were not his “friends” yet on Facebook. I’ve had a few conversations on […]

  • The trouble with Marc’s approach to Twitter

    Like many real estate professionals who are using the internet to market themselves, Marc seems to be overlooking the fact that the best clients come from your friends¬†[link is broken, so I removed it]… your real friends. Most agents know this implicitly, but don’t necessarily make the connection to how they need to operate online. […]

  • REBlogWorld Presentation: With a Little Help from my Friends

    I spent the better part of today completing the first draft of my presentation for next week’s REBlogWorld in Las Vegas!¬† (If you haven’t registered yet, it’s getting late, but there is still time to sign up: afflilate link.) For my presentation I wanted to create something a bit more advanced than I usual cover,¬† […]

  • LinkedIn, because…

    …my facebook addiction runs pretty deep (thanks mostly to so many of my family members joining up) and while I could easily set up another site similar to 4realz, I wouldn’t (easily) give up the freedom of having a personal blog. On LinkedIn the community is pretty weakly connected and really only good for finding […]

  • A twitter twist

    I thought the purpose of the “@” symbol helped direct the conversation. I didn’t realize it filtered who received the tweat.

  • Anyone else convinced that no one really…

    Anyone else convinced that no one really knows what a social networking site is? New Lease on Life for Friendster? Among social-networking sites, Hitwise said, MySpace accounted for 80 percent of all visits, well ahead of second-place Facebook, at 7.6 percent. YouTube overtakes MySpace: The video sharing site has taken a 3.9% share of global […]