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RE Connect, I’ve gotten the most questions about the project management tool I mentioned called BaseCamp.   It’s a great tool I’ve been using to manage toDo lists, milestones, messages, etc, with small groups of people (i.e. clients).  I’ve tried some of the others in the space, like Zoho Projects, but nothing is as simple to use.

If you’re going to try out BaseCamp, click on a link from this post and I’ll get a little kickback if you sign up for one of their pay products (and they have a free option that lets you test out the tool!), although I’d write this post even if they didn’t offer an afflilate program because BaseCamp really is that good.

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  1. Hey Dustin, we use Basecamp (have been for quite a while now) and agree that it’s such a great tool! So easy to use, great for making sure groups of people are all on the same page with respect to a project and love the milestone reminders it sends out to the owner of a task. Great call out.

  2. I hear you Dave… Interestingly, I was using it at my engineering company 3+ years ago and it really hasn’t changed all that much… Sometimes tools keep adding features until they get complicated to easily use, but BaseCamp has never had that issue.

  3. It’s unbelievable how many competitors Basecamp is facing every single week. There are similar products emerging every week out of nowhere.

  4. alicemclane Avatar

    That’s true, PM hut. Basecamp has got lots of competitors. We’re one of them – Wrike. The reason why there are so many services out there is that there’s no one single recipe for a project. Basecamp doesn’t fit everybody, thought it’s a good tool. Some teams start with Basecamp, and then switch to Wrike, when they grow bigger. Wrike is a tool for another level of doing business. It shines in multi-project environment. Zoho has its own advantages too. So my point is that every manager should evaluate different options before adoption a tool.

  5. […] then lastly, if you’re looking for an easy project management tool, Dustin Luther suggests taking a look at BaseCamp. We use BaseCamp here at Zoomf Towers so we concur that […]

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