Today’s Roundtable on social networking was…

…a blast. There were so many great insights from so many different people packed into just under an hour. You can listen to the recording here:

And thanks again to everyone who participated!

And since we talked so much about social networks, I thought I’d link to some of the places you can find me on the various social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, MyDealBook, RealSeekr. And if you’re interested in connecting up with other real estate professionals, feel free to leave links to your social networks in the comments!

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  1. People might disagree with me but LinkedIn is my all time favorite… Next is Twitter for it’s ability to connect you with people in a quick and unique way.

  2. Ricardo,

    I agree that LinkedIn is one of the best… And I’ve definitely got more than my fair share of leads through the site!

  3. Graeme K. Brown Avatar
    Graeme K. Brown


    I stumbled upon your first Talkshoe round table and listened to the entire conversation. I think you’ve got a great thing going, and it is awesome to hear insight from top RE bloggers/pros. I was in and out yesterday as a guest because the topic was fascinating, but I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of contributors. While it is obvious that each person brings tremendous insight, and unique perspectives, at time it was difficult to follow who was talking. Again, the information is invaluable, and the forum is perfect, I just wish I could have known who was speaking!

  4. Ricardo –

    FWIW, I totally agree with you! Even though fb now allows you to keep your your friends apart from your business associates I still cringe whenever I get a fb invite from someone I met a conference. LinkedIn is the professional network; it’s the appropriate invite to send a professional contact.

  5. Dustin,
    Your roundtable on social networks was a brilliant piece. Especially to hear more about MyDealBook since it is aimed for the commercial real estate industry.

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    On the topic of which network to use when.
    LinkedIn is for sure the number one (at least over here, Sweden that is) for your professional network. FB is great to keep track of friends, photosharing and so on.

  6. “LinkedIn is the professional network; it’s the appropriate invite to send a professional contact.” — David G. from

    I agree! If we’ve met in any type of professional setting, I’d much rather see the LinkedIn invite than the FB invite. Not that there’s anything wrong with FB… Let me put it this way, my LinkedIn contacts are more apt to receive a referral from me than my FB contacts.

  7. Graeme,

    Thanks so much for the feedback! I can see how it could get a bit confusing unless we’re introducing ourselves before each time we talk. I’ll work on doing a better job of that next time!

  8. Thanks for organizing these roundtables! They are fantastic.

    For the next one, I am going to make a point to research the speaker’s sites before the call, in an effort to better comprehend exactly what they are talking about.

    Every time I hear someone talk about Twitter, I think to myself I need to become more involved. Then I always fizzle out. After listening to this call, I am ready to give it try (again…).

  9. Awesome Sara! Great idea… I may try to do a bit more of that research on my end as well! 😉

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