Hello, my name is Dustin and I often suffer from…

disconnect anxiety.

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  1. Oh YES i definitely feel panic when I turn off for a day
    and then by day two i calm down. Then when i return i dread having to catch up again

  2. Ouch, today I suffered from dead battery syndrome. Got a call at 5:03pm, crisis on a house that WAS supposed to close tomorrow, phone dies, was not in my car with my charger, sweated and drove like a bat out of heck for 20 minutes to get to a landline (why are there no operational payphones left in the world?) – oh well maybe we’ll close Monday.

  3. “Hi Dustin”

    (in unison with every single person that reads your blog, has their own blog, comments on blogs, or knows what a blog is)

  4. I find myself being amazed when I talk to friends who haven’t been on-line in a few days! What?? What planet are they on?

  5. Just thought I’d throw out there that I think blogging may become / is about as addicting as the worst drugs and narcotics. Yet, we all may think this to be, but either don’t think we’re affected by our addiction or we embrace the addiction and dig further into the Daily Blog Trance and Frenzy. BTW, just posted about why I haven’t been posting. About the most liberating thing I’ve done in a long time! http://tinyurl.com/2hwtla

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