Ahhh… I’m in BlackBerry sync utopia…

My wish for the ability to easily sync my AddressBook contacts from my MacBook Pro with my BB Curve have been realized!

Combined with the free Plaxo Toolbar for the Mac, I’m now getting all my contacts (from LinkedIn, gmail, my phone, etc.) synced and backed up!

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  1. Dustin,

    You may have just stopped me from buying a new Palm Treo….ugh

  2. Ron: I’m somewhat addicted to my BB, but now that I no longer have a corporate exchange server backing up and wirelessly syncing my device, it’s been a pain!

    However, I went with the BB Curve (from t-mobile) because it is the ONLY mobile phone I’m aware of that works over a wifi network if one is available. At my house where I get almost no cell reception, this means that my cell phone can actually work at home! (although I must say that t-mobile still has some quirks to work out of the system, because quite often wifi calls will drop).

    The only missing ingredient with the sync program offered by BB is that it does (appear) to work via bluetooth… If it worked via bluetooth, then I could configure pretty easily configure things so that the sync happened without me needing to go through the effort of connecting the devices with a USB cable! Not quite the same as the mobile sync of my old corporate exchange server, but considering my laptop and my cell phone are almost always next to each other (i.e. near me!), it would do the trick.

  3. Ahhh, indeed. Don’t know how I managed before the Curve.

  4. Now that the iPhone has
    Exchange ActiveSync support, I see an upgrade in your future. 🙂

  5. @Robbie – I saw that news and that is SO AWESOME! The part I liked the best is when the Apple rep said “Exchange is at the top of email services, even above .Mac”

  6. Robbie:

    I’m stuck in a two-year contract at this point! 😉 Besides, I love the fact that I can run my mobile calls through my wifi network at home because I get almost no cell reception in the canyons where I live. That’s something iPhone and AT&T don’t do yet.

  7. Since, the iPhone SDK has been released, I suspect Skype & SlingPlayer support are coming soon.

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