Is anyone paying attention to the 2008 CyberConvention?

I’ve gotten a few “tips” from publicists to let me know that their clients are speaking at this CyberConvention, but I’ve not heard a blip out of the about this online event going on this week.   Is it just a big sales event?  Is the expectation that the presentations will be irrelevant or outdated?

I’m only vaguely familiar with the people putting it on, the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, but their website appears genuine enough, if not somewhat dated.

My initial reaction is to start out skeptical that the event has much value as it appears that this “cyber” convention has not generated any excitement from the active blogging community. But to their credit they’ve managed to get some big name speakers (Chairman of RE/MAX, CEO of eNeighborhoods, President of, etc.), so I’m thinking there must be something more to this event.   Maybe the whole thing would make more sense if I knew just a bit more about the history of this event…  🙂

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  1. I “attended” some of it last year. I found the substance light and the format annoying. RECS and other vendors (including eNeighborhoods and just hammered on buying their products. The volume of “buy me” email was staggering.

    Last year I was bombarded with email spam prior to the event, this year I didn’t hear a peep. Didn’t even realize it was happening. Maybe I unsubscribed last year and it actually worked, or it is buried in my spam folder where it belongs.

  2. The event has been around for a long time. I was wondering why more promo wasn’t done on Twitter or other places where agents hang out. So far I’ve just gotten the normal email notices.

    In the past there was some good content, but for the most part it was the same old same old.

    I’ll probably cruise around a little to see if there is anything new. Perhaps I’ll see you there.

  3. Does the talking old man on websites hurt or help when it comes to attracting customers?

  4. Thanks for the feedback Jay and Kristal!

  5. Agentandrew: I can’t say I’m ever impressed when I arrive at a website and someone pops out and starts talking with me…

  6. I attended the online convention last year and am currently surfing it this year. the convention has changed a ton since last year and has some great speakers!I have been to a few real estate conventions (flying to other cities etc.) and this seems to be the same as the real thing without travel! I am impressed and am going to join the society and become a member so I can take advantage of the show special and make use of the tools and services they claim to offer! In my opinion, the convention is free and can’t hurt to check it out: Here’s the link

  7. For all the reasons you mention, Dustin, I registered to “attend” this year. Mostly I’m interested in the technology of putting on a cyber convention in the web 2.0 world, but to be honest (and big names notwithstanding), I can’t seem to drag myself over there and look.

    Maybe I should email for some motivation?

    Nothing like a good exclamation point or two to out yourself, Sara.

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