Seth Godin has ActiveRain going tribal?

It took a few times reading Seth’s post… but I think I’m starting to see what Jon is getting at… Maybe.

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  1. Were there supposed to be different links? Both go to Seth’s post on Tribal Management

  2. Here is the quote highlighted by Jon…

    “Everything the organization does is to feed and grow and satisfy the tribe. Instead of looking for customers for your products, you seek out products (and services) for the tribe.”

    Now I maybe way off this but it may explain why housevalues wanted in… active can deliver the HV product message and platform to the tribe of ARs?

    Seems supported by Jon’s comment after…

    “partner with companies that fit the bill”

    How do you think the ARs will receive the messages or do you think HV products will simply be rebranded and offered under AR?

  3. Jim,

    They were suppose to be different links (fixed) and Todd provided the article I meant to link to!

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