Disfunction at agentgenius?

Agent A running Plan B: 

“To cut a long story short, there is markedly limited potential to make a full time living at real estate in my area. Both for right now, and I strongly suspect for at least the next two years. I’m a positive guy, but I ain’t standing in the snow imagining a beach. ” 

Agent B running Plan A

“As with most of the geniuses who write here, I have been very busy with business recently. 3 contracts and 2 offers on the go tonight, and another two offers coming up in the next two days. Being this busy is a good problem to have! “

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  1. Real estate is fairly local. Not all the AG agents live in the same town.

  2. Actually Athol, we are all a little disfunctional, especially you- you were always a troubled child.

  3. Athol: I was just having some fun! 🙂 Nonetheless, I did find it odd that your solution was to focus on sellers (and give buyers up to other agents).

    Nonetheless, I found your approach to your local market conditions a bit baffling. It seems likely that houses will be sitting on the market longer into the foreseeable future, I’d focus on buyers since they are MUCH more likely to transact. This idea is worthy of a post, so I’m off to write one.

  4. Athol puts the FUN in dysFUNctional.

  5. Mega-producers will tell you that you need to focus on listings because listings lead to buyers. That’s true to a point. But with the advent of IDX and such, I think it’s less true than it once was.

    Blogging and real estate websites as a whole are geared more toward buyers than sellers on their face. We provide pretty pictures and information on different homes and that’s all the buyers want. They don’t want an agent. They want a house. We flash the house and come along for the ride.

    I’ve picked up listings off the websites but the ratio from buyer to seller still is running 10-to-1 at best.

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