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  • A feed of news and blog searches can make the world so small…

    It was fun to see Kristy Dunphey post pop up in my feed reader (from a news fed on my name).   I’ve been meaning to get back in touch with her ever since she handed me a copy of her book and a wonderful note after my talk at NAR last November, and now […]

  • It’s time for a 4Realz Internet Marketing Education!

    Word has been leaking all over the RE.net (I wonder how that happened) that I’ve been working with Jim Marks to organize a series of seminars where we aim to educate real estate professionals on how they can improve their internet marketing. Our first event is only two weeks away in Los Angeles and we’re […]

  • Is anyone paying attention to the 2008 CyberConvention?

    I’ve gotten a few “tips” from publicists to let me know that their clients are speaking at this CyberConvention, but I’ve not heard a blip out of the RE.net about this online event going on this week.   Is it just a big sales event?  Is the expectation that the presentations will be irrelevant or outdated? […]

  • All over the place

    Not only am I speaking tomorrow at a Coldwell Banker educational event, but I just got back from a fun speaking engagement at Pepperdine University where I was on a panel with some people from ActiVision and MySpace talking about online marketing to a group of marketing and technology graduate students. There were some great […]

  • How to Jump-start your social networking with LinkedIn

    I mentioned a bit ago that I’m taking part in a CB education event in a few weeks. One of the things I agreed to do was to mentor two real estate agents in how they can get the most out of social networking. However, good social networking takes time… and we only have two […]

  • 45 Things I Learned at RE Connect

    (some names left anonymous to protect the innocent) There’s a hell of a lot of VC money floating around this industry. I was surprised at how many people there were with lots of VC funding. Joel seemed to notice the same thing: “a whole new crop of real estate search sites that are going to […]

  • Coldwell Banker Education Fair in LA

    Just got information about a Coldwell Banker event I’ll be participating later this month. With fellow panelists Burke Smith of ipayOne fame, Jorritt Van der Muelen of Zillow and Alejandro Foung of Trulia, it should be a lot of fun (and hopefully informative!).

  • Great SEO fun

    Bribing Matt Cutts (via bloodhound)

  • Interviews in Vegas…

    …can be tough, but I think Joel and Mike do a great job pulling it off. 🙂