I don’t talk technology, real estate, or gossip in the bedroom.  This room is all about the luv.

Here’s a steller example from twitter of what I’m looking for in the bedroom:

@tyr “This is a stellar example of why I luv you biggest.” ~@KrisBerg tweet

Please embrace the mood of the bedroom with appropriate comments.

  • Tell me how much you love me!
  • Tell me how much you care!

I love you too!

By the way, since this page really is all about me, here are some of the places you can connect with me elsewhere on the internet:

51 responses to “Bedroom”

  1. I love you because you love me (even though you forgot to put the Ninja in the blogroll….)! That’s about as risque as I get- my husband reads your blog 😉

  2. Dustin

    My love for you has been shown distantly while you work through all of your other relationships… 🙂

    Glad to see your success in the new digs.

  3. “Tell me how much you love me!
    Tell me how much you care!”

    Everyone is so focused on loving you that no one has said that they care yet….well…I care!

    Normally, love requires at least dinner and movie. 🙂


  4. I don’t understand. Isn’t the bedroom the place to talk about the relative merits of parsing inbound RSS feeds for pre-assigned tags, versus assigning your own tags after de-duping your inbound RSS? That’s what WE talk about in the bedroom.

  5. I have never once felt so much love in one room. Okay, maybe one time but even that story isn’t appropriate for the bedroom.

    Have a very happy birthday.
    ~Matt (blogofgeese) thx for letting me put in my shameless self-promotion

  6. Hey Dustin, I can take a little “link love” for my new blog – Check it out and let me know what you think. 🙂

    Look forward to seeing you on May 2nd at the Marmalade Cafe.

    P.S. if you’re seeing double comments…was typing too fast the first time and hit the wrong button… not sure if comment was submitted.

  7. Just a little pillow talk.
    Dustin, I stumbled on your site while researching reactions to the NAR/DOJ Settlement. Awesome!! Love it!! You bring fun back into blogging. Your sense of humor and quick wit are refreshing. Your audience are great participants and kept me reading. Even got a toilet ring in the bathroom because I sat too long reading. Best wishes and I look forward to more great stuff. Good night John Boy!

  8. Richard, I just spent a bit on your site because it’s such an interesting SEO play. I must say, however, that for a site that’s been around for over a year, I found it surprising that I could find one outbound link. From my perspective, it’s kinda hard to share link love with someone who doesn’t do any linking.

  9. We just loved your post: “Week in Review: Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced plans Sunday to take control of troubled mortgage giants”.
    But that’s just the beginning.

  10. OMG Dustin I love you with my whole heart:) I could use some linklove too I do not believe I am in your blog roll!!!!!!! I made the front page of Summerlin Real Estate!!!! I am so excited!

  11. Hi Utah Dave: I’m going to assume you mean “Facebook Connect” as oppose to Facebook Pingback… Connecting to Facebook Connect is as simple as returning to the Reply

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