Social SEO Strategies

Check out the SEO article I just posted on socaltech: 21 Strategies for Generating Irresistible SEO Benefits (and add to the conversation!)

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  1. Great tips! I firmly believe that a good SEO strategy starts with a comprehensive mapping of where you want your site to go. Once you have an idea, it will be easier to follow through and embark on various SEO facets.

  2. Great article, Dustin. Too many people think that getting backlinks means spamming the hell out of every possible blog in the hopes of getting SOMETHING. Instead, they should focus on writing quality content that will draw traffic and links. Mahalo.

  3. I agree that most people think having a lot of backlinks will get you up there. A huge part of it is quality of content too, no? There has to be some relevance, some key words and of course, keeping up to date with the rends and social media.

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