Craig continues his dominant march by…

…effectively marginalizing Microsoft’s classified service.

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  1. […] 1. Maybe I’m a little naive, it never occurred to me that some cities using the red light cameras might even consider adjusting the timing change from yellow to red! Apparently that helps to boost the profit… but wait – I thought we were in this for safety at our intersections. 2. The feuding continues between Los Angeles and San Francisco – Apparently research on this one has been going on for a quite a while – Which city was the First to introduce/invent the Fortune Cookie? I found each city’s beginning story interesting. I wonder if they will ever resolve this one? 3. With gas prices rising what seems to be daily, it makes sense that the MTA needs to come up with a rapid transit system on the Westside, making a decision sooner than later! 4. Speaking of Gas prices, Have you considered “vacationing” close to home – check out this post for some great sightseeing ideas & places right here in and around my favorite city L.A. 5. Remember that “DWT” – is coming up fast…July 1, to be exact! Safety first and dodge the ticket violations by checking out some options for safe Driving While Talking! 6. One man’s dream and passion for protecting rare Gibbons, is being disrupted by encroaching development that is creating an unhealthy environment for their survival & procreation! 7. Did you realize that Craigslist is by far one of top sites for online classified ads. They have become a major force with realtors advertising their properties. Guess who couldn’t compete… […]

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