One of the many reasons to blog on is…

…that the domain does REALLY well in google searches for the various “tags” that get associated with posts.

For example, the tag for REALOGY shows up just below the wikipedia entry for the company and above the Inman news page on REALOGY:

realogy search results in google

And because Rob and I are the only people on the platform talking about Realogy, we get an outsized influence in how Realogy is represented on the web.

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  1. I can’t say I see wordpress tag pages rank noticeably for most of the searches I do day to day… I’m inclined to think that this example might be more influenced by lack of competition for the specific keyword more then anything else….

  2. Trace:

    It’s only recently that I’ve started to see tags show up on search results… Combined with your point that they only do well on niche tags means that you’re right that they aren’t a dominant source of traffic (yet).

    But in many ways, I live for the niche traffic since it is often extremely relevant, so I’m more than happy to get the jumpstart from’s.

  3. Now if we can only somehow combine our powers, Dustin, to extract outsized financial rewards from Realogy….

    C’mon, doesn’t anyone over at Realogy want to bribe a couple of bloggers for some spin? 😀

    I kid, I kid!


  4. Hi, it’s Sherry from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (Realogy) We can’t bribe you but we can say thanks for blogging about us!

  5. Sherry:

    Thanks so much for stopping by! And so very cool that BH&G has a blog!

  6. floridamoves Avatar

    C’mon Goofinheimers, stop clogging up my reader with your inane rantings. Like there is soooooo much money in the real estate industry these days that you will be paid for writing a blog about Realogy. Sorry haven’t had my coffee yet.

    Having said that, WordPress is the way to go. It’s growth far exceeds Blogger and it offers a more advanced platform.

    Good luck with your little extortion experiment fellas!

    From the Beach Chair,

    Matt Gentile – 300 Days of Sunshine

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