The chat feature of Woopra’s new analytics tool…

is particularly interesting.

3 responses to “The chat feature of Woopra’s new analytics tool…”

  1. I read about Woopra on TechCrunch yesterday and signed up. I’m on the “wait list”. If anyone out there has an invite code, I’ll be your friend 😉

    I’m not a fan *at all* of initiating a chat with a blog / site visitor. But I’ve got no problem with visitor initiated chat (which Woopra seems to support)

  2. On the waitlist with all of y’all

    the problem with this little chat feature that if you push a chat window to me while i am on your site I will leave in a new york minute.

    BUT…. if i chat with you when i am ready i will stay.

    Woopra looks fun


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