Joel’s waiting for a listings shakedown, while…

consumers continue to get more places to see listings:

The Zillow story has to be the more interesting of the two… because, unless Zillow is doing something funny on their backend, this is the first example that I’m aware of where a large MLS has agreed to commingle their MLS data with FSBO data.

In other words, if you’re a consumer searching for listings in the area covered by the New England MLS, then you’ll be able to use the single map interface (Zillow’s) to see both MLS and FSBO listings.

That’s HUGE…

The only catch, at least as far as I can tell, is that the system is opt-in for the agents of  MLS PIN, which means that Zillow is not likely to get true comprehensive listings as the deal currently stands.

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  1. Zillow’s also the lucky child – no MLSPIN member gets to put comments, price estimates and other additional info alongside the listings.

  2. I am a MLSPIN member and if a responsible broker (not agents) wants the company listings to go on Zillow all they have to do is check off a box and submit. The system has 30+ partners through the one click data feed tool. Trulia and a bunch of others are in the system as well and they add new partners often. I believe Zillow went to MLSPIN first because the system is 100 times more advanced than most MLS’s. If any MLS could get every state it would be MLSPIN but we all know that’s not going to happen. One thing that I would like to mention is that this partnership between zillow and MLSPIN has been going since Jan so I do not understand why they are so late to the announcement.

  3. Thanks dude and Andrew,

    It sounds like it is easier than I suspected for brokers to opt into the system. Great info.

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