I’ve been so incredibly busy lately that I neglected to announce some really big news!

Both Zillow AND Top Producer have come on as sponsors!

As you can imagine, the more sponsors that we can bring on board, the better for everyone involved because (1) it helps to drive the cost of the event down for real estate professionals and (2) it gives attendees who’ve earned “REALZ” more ways to spend their marketing dollars!

As always, Jim and I are being very selective in who I reach out to for sponsorship. I really want to make sure that we’re only inviting companies that can demonstrate that they add real value to real estate professionals.

So why are we seeking out sponsorship from Top Producer and Zillow?

In many ways, my real estate blogging experience really took off at the same time as Zillow. I learned a ton from meeting up with that team while I was living in Seattle, as well as covering them in their early days! In many ways, RCG really started to hit it stride around the early days of Zillow (Our traffic more than doubled the month they came launched!). However, beyond just a great relationship, I’ve always watched Zillow grow into a company that has added real value to real estate agents all over the country! At a recent event where I spoke alongside Sara, I was impressed with the examples she’s able to show of agents quickly being able to generate a great ROI with their product.

The Top Producer team has done some wonderful things for me in the past including sponsoring my round of educational seminars (when a virtual who’s who of the RE.net showed up!). But beyond the seminars, the TP team showed a real interest in reaching out to me while I was at Move in order to get my ideas on how they could improve their product. The organization is filled with wonderful people doing a great job meeting the needs of existing clients as well as making commitments to continuously integrate and improve their product to meet the changing needs of real estate agents.

I honestly couldn’t be happier that so many wonderful real estate companies are willing to take a chance on sponsoring the 4Realz Education seminars!

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  1. I can’t believe that was only a year ago.

    I remember meeting you and Rudy and Brian and Roberta and a whole bunch of people.


  2. Dustin,

    You may look at them “taking a chance” on you and I used to think this way as I have grown GoodmorningRealEstate.com, but what Zillow and Top Producer see in you is raw ability on the street. A place they cannot get to without you.

    So, they are not taking a chance on you, they are invest in you by aligning their interest with yours. What is good for you is good for them, which is what is good for the industry as a whole.

    Keeping rocking!

    -Justin Z.

  3. Congrats, Dustin! Hopefully this success will continue for you. I am very confident that it will. Your brilliant suggestions have already made my life much easier!


  4. Loren, Justin and Eric: Thanks so much!

    I’m hoping that the fun behind the 4RealzEd events is just beginning! 😉

  5. This is fantastic, Dustin. It really speaks to the potential they see in you.



  6. …and there is more big “NEWS” coming… This is getting good!

  7. Dustin-

    I am really into your blog, but I’m not understanding Top Producer. It fails on so many levels, being closed, expensive, proprietary..slugish, proprietary, counter intuitive, proprietary, and did I mention proprietary?

    The fact that they have done the formatting is why they are ahead of the game, but the software is simply BAD. Etelos is the only CRM I’ve seen that’s worse.

    Have you USED it? Even lately? Man oh man.

    My only hope is that you LIKE the software and are doing it not for money…if that’s the case, I can question your judgement, which is way different than questioning your integrity.

  8. Chris,

    I haven’t used it recently… I did get a copy of it when I was at Move, and even played around a bit, but I never had a reason to run through it’s many permutations.

    To their credit, every time I suggest other options as I did in this post from a few weeks ago, agents consistently go out of their way to let me know that Top Producer is still the best CRM option for real estate agents.

    With that said, I’m honestly interested in learning about options that you think are better. What CRM do you use?

  9. Nobody better for people to learn from than you, Dustin. The big boys clearly recognize the talent and glad to see you have attracted respected sponsors.

  10. Thanks so much Mary! I’ve heard that you’ve been putting on some great webinars yourself! 🙂

    The market for quality internet marketing education is still so new that I’m quite glad to see so many of us working to create awareness about the importance of a internet marketing among RE Professionals! Hopefully some of the buzz I’m hoping to create in SoCal will spread to the work that you guys are doing!

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