It takes a special kind of REALTOR to…

… buy (and use) the domain

(Great find by Jay)

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  1. I would call that a smart marketing tactic.

    Just like I consider to be a GREAT real estate blog. Jim the REALTOR is blogging about what people are looking for (Bubble Info) and capitalizing on it.


  2. He should probably learn how to use spell-check before he talks about being “perfessional!”

    “Let us know if you are looking for a long-term perfessional relationship with a Realtor®.”

  3. Smart? I don’t understand really. I mean, conversationally I might get one’s dislike for being associated with a title that has some baggage, but if that’s the case do you put “Let us know if you are looking for a long-term perfessional relationship with a Realtor®.” as well?

    perfessional… really??

    The agent asks to call him to talk about what this is all about and states it’s not a joke. Really? and btw, don’t call hiim after 12am because you’ll wake him up… really??

    As a potential client you just put up 3 big walls. And as a peer I’m just afraid to work with you. That’s what the branding says to me but maybe I’m not the targeted audience.

  4. @Vicki and @Brad.

    When I looked at the site (2 seconds) I didn’t even read it at all just glanced.

    What I meant about the smart idea is that if he used the site to counter the people that “hate realtors” then he could use the site to possibly help not to hate realtors anymore.

    Yes also the don’t call after 12am EST is stupid to have on there. My phone is always available to take calls. If no-one is in the office then it goes to voicemail.

    So i will amend my statement is that the DOMAIN could be a smart marketing tactic, but he has done a poor job of making it work.

  5. All of this is academic, really. As soon as NAR finds out, the site will be shut down for a trademark violation.

  6. C & D in 3–2–1

  7. Brad: C & D = cease and desist. (I think!)

  8. all could be solved with a mask forwarding…

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