Ben proposes NAR foot the…

legal bills for Lucas.    And as crazy as that might sound at first… I think it actually makes sense.

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  1. Stratton Avatar

    This “story” makes for a good story depending on how you frame it.
    The fact of the matter is that Lucas has not had his real estate license for more than 3 years and he began blogging about a year ago.
    Most of his information is factual and there is no doubt that his intention is to help people. As a reader of his blog, and one with about 10 years real estate experience, his information is often inaccurate and borderline slanderous.
    I respect the right to free speech for sure, but LL has been getting some credibility for his blog ( more power to him!!) but he should have been reigned in a long time ago.
    EWM did the right thing by canning him immediately, and he’d do the right thing by eliciting the help of a Public Relations guru and milking the hell out of this thing!!!
    As you can see, bloggers are coming to his defense because he is a blogger without regard to what inaccuaracies he posted or the harm he may have done to another human being.

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