Two-weeks of 2007 posts and 4realz has…

…been nominated as one of the 10 most influential real estate blogs of 2007! How very cool!    A huge thanks to Matthew for giving 4realz the nod, as well as my other baby:  Rain City Guide!

However, even amidst all my excitement, I have to ask, where’s Bloodhound and AgentGenius? Might be time for my own list!  🙂

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  1. […] Gosselin List, Best in Real Estate 2007. Kudos to 4realz for making Matthew Gosselin’s list of most influential real estate blog after only two weeks […]

  2. Congratulations to Dustin and 4Realz. It was a debate to add in a blog that is so new to the scene however we decided to give this blog a strong push due to the content that has already been published and the content that will be published in the coming years. Thank you for your service and congratulations again!
    ~in reference to The Gosselin List, 2007

  3. M. Gosselin. Thanks again for the huge compliment! I’m definitely looking forward to reading your new book as well! 🙂

  4. Congrats Dustin (and others)!

    Making a “Top Whatever” list is always a difficult task. Lots of great blogs on Matthew’s list.

    But I have to ask…

    Little Pink Houses at #3 on the most influential for the year? There has been one post there since JUNE 28. Don’t get me wrong, when LPH posts, it is first class stuff, always. I even named them on my “Top 26 – 50” list.

    But to say a blog is the third most influential RE blog of 2007 when they’ve made one post in the last six months seems a bit of a stretch.

    Just my humble opinion.

  5. Jay: I noticed that same thing… My reaction is that we just need to make up our own lists! 🙂

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