It appears Lorna has continued to dip into her…

…eBay contacts to hire another interesting Silicon Valley exec at Move.

All the information is on Move’s site, but I’m not aware that anyone in the has put the pieces together in terms of the changes happening at Move. Here are the hires that Move has done PR around since Lorna came on board last Spring:

I’ve worked with a few of these people and have been consistently impressed. These are top-notch people with years of internet experience that Move is recruiting.

By the way, prior to taking on the position as President at Move, Lorna had senior executive positions at both Yahoo and eBay:

“Borenstein has held a number of executive positions at Yahoo! including vice president, product for Yahoo!’s strategy on youth and education, global vice president and general manager of Yahoo! Personals and vice president, marketing of Yahoo! Search & Marketplace Group, where she was responsible for leading all marketing strategy and initiatives for this multi-billion dollar business.” …

“Prior to joining Yahoo!, Borenstein served as vice president and general manager for eBay, the largest online trading community. Borenstein was initially hired by eBay to launch its Canadian business, where she was responsible for overall strategy and operations, company business development, sales and marketing, branding, merchandising, product and public relations and community interaction.”

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  1. Care to share your thoughts on this? I’ve heard rumors and whispers here and there that Move is actually doing some good things behind the scenes.

    Any speculation on what they’re doing and when they might release it?

  2. I’m not going to confirm, deny or even speculate about launch dates for any future projects, but I’m happy to point out the new beta sites for Move and launched yesterday at and

    I’ve got issues with the design (both sites look like they were designed on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper), but clearly some of new features like (1) 3-in-1 search, (2) prominent “saved” items and and (3) dynamic front page content are improvements (at least in concept).

    And the fact that blog content (“Move Trends”) will get featured on the front page of was a huge win for the team that I used to manage.

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