Is there room in the for two Gregs?

Finding this site definitely brought a smile to my face:

I started 4realz (way back in the summer of 2006) on a similar premise that I wanted to provide an “inside” view of the and I thought an anonymous blog was the best way to go about it.   Interestingly, it was when I was sure Greg had caught onto my identity that I shut the original 4realz blog down.  😉

Any guesses as to the identity of Fake Greg Swann?

19 responses to “Is there room in the for two Gregs?”

  1. Brian, as Kris Burg once said, “the Latin I know comes entirely from the back of a dollar bill”.

    I tried to comment there. That site must have comment moderation flipped on or something. I would’ve been Fake Dustin Luther.

    My bet is Larry Cragun.

  2. Cuz of the decisions required today, I’m havin’ a real problem caring about who the fake Greg is.

    I’m having way too much of a problem deciding whether my wife’s chili (eaten with chips as a spoon), chocolate chip cookies, deviled eggs, or wings are my first ‘course’ for the afternoon. Desert is already cooling on the stove — her world famous pumpkin pie — a pie I’ve never cared for. Until I had hers. HHmmmm, with whipped cream and a couple more cookies.

    Can you say coma, BawldGuy?

    Somebody email me when this is solved, ‘right?

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