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  • Listing study by Roost hits TechCrunch and…

    ..brings out a who’s who of online real estate companies.  Don’t miss out on the comments!

  • LA Times Examines Local Home Search Options

    “Over two days in June, we searched each site for three-bedroom, single-family homes on the market in Santa Monica.” The results: Zillow: 168 homes* HomeGain: 142, 48 homes (depending on day) ZipRealty: 126 homes Yahoo Real Estate: 107 homes Realtor.com: 103 homes MSN Real Estate: 103 homes RE/Max: 91 homes Trulia: 77 homes Coldwell Banker: […]

  • 4realz Exclusive: Realtor.com unleashes the Zillow killer and you…

    …didn’t even notice: Introducing: Realtor.com Home Values Apparently, Realtor.com launched their answer to Zillow recently without much fanfare! The first thing to note is that the new tool mixes estimates for home values along side listings from the Realtor.com database. This would have been unthinkable just a few years ago, but even with an announcement […]

  • A fascinating conversation about NAR/DOJ…

    I really want to thank the industry titans who participated in today’s podcast: Michael Wurzer of FBS Data Systems & FlexMLS blog Bill Lublin of Move Philly Jeff Turner of Real Estate Shows Mike Price: MLBroadcast As well as all the people who listened in and provided wonderful chat commentary throughout the podcast. There were […]

  • Live Podcast: What does the DOJ/NAR Settlement mean to REALTORS?

    I’m totally excited about the live podcast that is set to go live in a few hours! Earlier today, I was at an caravan event with a large group of REALTORS… When the agents found out I was an internet guy, many of them kept asking me for insight into the settlement between the DOJ […]

  • Estately Expands to Portland

    Galen makes his first move since his new found riches…  Congrats to the Estately team.

  • New plugin makes it easy to manage your listings using…

    …a WordPress blog. (h/t Matt)

  • Redfin releases a genuinely interesting update!

    According to their press release, they are now commingling MLS, FSBO and Foreclosure listings on one map… and this has me scratching my head! Are they allowed to do this? Isn’t this type of commingling of listings against MLS rules? Notice the purple and pink icons… Those are REO (foreclosures) and FSBOs, respectively (green icons […]

  • It’s great to see so much progress being made on…

    …the listing standards front.   While it will definitely help the big boys lower their aggregation costs, it should also help make the online listing search space even more competitive as I think (hope?) it will help lower the bar to creating a viable national presence for new startups.

  • Free IDX solution?

    I met the guys from softRealty in Atlanta last week and they convinced me the have a pretty good thing going. Their plan is to offer a free IDX solution to agents that is ad supported. (They also offer a $30/month solution that is ad-free). They’ve got two* one thing working against them: My guess […]