Out of touch

I’ve been so busy the past few days that I haven’t been blogging (or even checking my feed reader(!), which is clearly not normal). Besides a shocking number of telephone calls that have kept me busy over the past few days, making Inman’s list also made me realize I needed to to get my butt in gear so that I’ll be ready for the show next week.

On a related note, Brian has been scaring me lately with the way he wants to hijack our conversation to talk about how agents should really focus on techniques that I consider to be pretty hard-sell (OUCH!), but more on that in a bit when I have a few minutes to reflect on our last conversation. (Do I even have time for this???)

Inman puts on the pressure…

10 people to watch in 2008:

  1. Errol Samuelson, president, Realtor.com
  2. Sheila Bair, chairwoman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp
  3. Lockhart Steele, founder and publisher Curbed.com
  4. Sam Zell, Chicago billionaire
  5. Kerry Killinger, CEO, Washington Mutual Inc.
  6. Andrew Cuomo, New York attorney general
  7. Dustin Luther, founder, 4realz.net
  8. Lawrence Yun, chief economist, National Association of Realtors
  9. Ben Bernanke, chairman, Federal Reserve
  10. Kurt Pfotenhauer, CEO, American Land Title Association

Here’s the blurb about me:

“Luther first came on the real estate radar when he founded Rain City Guide, a Seattle-based real estate blog in 2005. He later worked at Move Inc., as the director of consumer innovations and interactive marketing. We’re watching him in 2008 as he leads his next venture at 4realz.net, a real estate technology consulting firm. We’re betting Luther will spread the word on social media marketing and blogging at a time when many real estate practitioners are looking for ways to boost their business and stand out.


A trip down the memory super-highway…

Top 10 stories of 2007 from Inman News (see the article for details):

  1. Subprime market implodes; housing downturn worsens.
  2. Blogging runs deeper in real estate’s blood.
  3. Foxtons closes shop.
  4. Foreclosure problem worsens; Bush announces rescue plan.
  5. Redfin and “60 Minutes” of fame.
  6. Trulia and Zillow get booted from Prudential Real Estate convention.
  7. Realogy goes private.
  8. Well-known real estate writer dies.
  9. NAR’s Gateway project announced.
  10. FHA goes modern.

All good and interesting news stories. But what would a blog post be without some after-the-fact quarterbacking. Here are my thoughts:

The subprime mess definity earned the list, while I think blogging is in there purely as linkbait. 🙂  Foxtrons never crossed my radar so I can’t say much about them, but I would have included the foreclosure mess in with the subprime mess (despite the fact that two smaller messes would be easier to clean than one huge mess). Redfin PR got proper kudos while Prudential made a PR blunder. Realogy business structure must be interesting to others and I simply didn’t know the author. I don’t have high hopes for Gateway (although I wouldn’t say the same thing for NAR’s investment fund). FHA… yawn…

And while am at it… here are two stories that would have made my list:

The launch of so many (already) forgotten sites. How about all the sites that launched with great fanfare only to fall off of everyone’s radar. Terabitz comes to mind.  Social networks like Zolve (which went from charging almost $1000/year to $0/year in its first few weeks) and Propertyqube also seem to have dropped off the map. And there were many (way too many to name them all!) “local” sites that were hyped by the RE.net at one point or another: MyHouseKey (kinda dead), SuperListingSite (completely dead), Localism, StreetAdvisor, and YourStreet.

Lack of fiscal restraint in the online real estate space. Money flowed into online real estate space: Terabitz with $10M in V/C money…  Zillow with another $30MTrulia got another $10M…  Redfin with $12M more